Food and Beverage

inspired catering

Inspired by our events, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional, personalized food and beverage experiences tailored specifically for your event. Our state-of-the-art kitchen facilities, led by our acclaimed Executive Chef, is a hub of culinary innovation and creativity, ensuring each course is a delight. Our menus highlight the finest in locally sourced ingredients and are curated to impress your guests. 



Explore Our Menus

Step inside and discover curated menu selections tailored to your event and captivate your guests. In addition to these menus, we are happy to explore customized menu offerings to ensure your satisfaction!

State-Of-The-Art Kitchen

With cutting-edge kitchen tech and eco-friendly practices at The International Centre, our innovative kitchen team, led by Executive Chef Sushil Pansare, guarantees top-notch quality and presentation. Welcome to the Chef’s Table, an exclusive culinary experience in our state-of-the-art kitchen—a taste of things to come for your guests!

Sushil Pansare

A Culinary Expert with Over Three Decades 
of Global Expertise

Sushil Pansare, Executive Chef at the International Centre, brings 30 years of global culinary expertise, marked by precision and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Mentored by celebrity chef Anton Mosimann, he crafted dishes for luminaries like Diana Ross and Michael Douglas.

Before his current role, Sushil led the culinary department at Bermuda’s Waterloo House, achieving AAA Five Diamond awards for the Wellington Room and Poinciana Terrace. This honors his dedication to culinary artistry, acknowledged by The Conde Nast Traveler magazine.

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Retail Services

The International Centre retail team executes a curated selection of food and beverage offerings on the show floor, customized to meet your event needs and demographics, and designed to satisfy a diverse range of tastes. Halls 1, 2 and 5 feature renovated permanent food and beverage areas for the comfort and convenience of your guests.  

If you're looking for made-to-order meals and daily specials, be sure to visit our on-site restaurant, the Craft Eatery, located adjacent to Hall 1 and the Conference Centre. 

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Craft Eatery

Handcrafted Cuisine

Located beside Hall 1 is Craft Eatery. This permanent restaurant offers daily specials and cooked-to-order cuisine all made with a fresh and exciting twist. Our award-winning team of culinary professionals choose only the finest ingredients – local and in-season, whenever possible. It’s all done in a modern and comfortable lounge setting with complimentary WIFI!

TIC - Where To Eat

Where To Eat

The International Centre is surrounded by an exceptional variety of culinary experiences. Dine at one of the area's best restaurants and satisfy your palate. 

TIC - Where To Stay

Where To Stay

With over 10,000 hotel rooms at its doorstep, The International Centre is surrounded by the most trusted hotel brands in the world.

TIC - Discover Mississauga

Discover Mississauga

The International Centre welcomes you to the bustling City of Mississauga. Enjoy a multitude of diverse events, dining, shopping, and lakeside activities like no other place. Right here in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area.